I had the great good fortune to grow up with parents deeply oriented to the natural world: birders, sailors, swimmers, slow walkers. Sensitive to the rhythms and joys of nature, they instilled in me a deep care of and appreciation for the outdoors. My childhood in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York revolved around untold hours spent outside in the yards, fields, woods and lakeshore of a small historic village along the eastern edge of Cayuga Lake.  This place imprinted on me and remains my central point of reference, my home place, wherever I am in the world.
I work in oil or gouache on small wooden panels, depicting rural landscapes of specific locations. Though the paintings themselves are small, they evoke depth, space and a sense of place. My current work explores particular light and place near my home along the Connecticut River and in nearby uplands of Western Massachusetts.
I prefer to paint outside, physically inhabiting the landscape as I work. I return to the same location in different seasons and at various times of day.  It is deeply satisfying, both physically and emotionally, to work outdoors, present to the weather, changing light, animals and sounds.

I am a member of The Oxbow Gallery (Easthampton, MA). 
Born in Ithaca, NY, I have an A.B. in English Literature from Mount Holyoke College. My painting teachers include Marion Miller, Marjorie Portnow, and Richard Yarde.